Dan Marques - Cia. Circênicos

   Dan Marques, Brazilian with EU Passport. has been working in circuses, theaters and festivals since 2000 participating in several shows in groups of circus, theater and dance.
   In 2006 along with Gabriel Marques, he founded the company "Circenicos Theatre and Circus" in Brazil working as an artist, costume designer, theatrical direction and production.
During the years the Company Circênicos has created some shows like: "Enchanted Christmas", "Desfrute", "Circoviski, The Big", "The Collector of Trinkets" and "Funnykito Show".
  The one-man show "Funnykito" was created in 2008 and it is a mix between ilusionism, mimic and comedy but in a very new style and it has been performed in over 45 countries around 5 continents with a great deal of success. It is a very mysterious and funny mix of magician, mime and clownwork.
   Funnykito became winner of 8 prizes in European competitions .